"The Role Of Analytical Chemistry And Instrumentation To Improve  Education, Research, And Industrial Quality For Better Environment”

The scope of this seminar covers the following areas:

  1. Spectrochemical Analysis
  2. Flow and Separation Analysis
  3. Electrochemical Analysis
  4. Bilogical Analysis
  5. Analysis for Nonbiological Analysis
  6. Environmental Analysis
  7. Surface Analysis
  8. Computational and Chemometric Approaches in Chemical Analysis
  9. Standardization and Reference Materials
  10. Green/Alternatife Approaches in Chemical Analysis
  11. Nuclear Chemistry Methods of Analysis
  12. Analytical Chemistry Education
  13. Mass Spectrometry
  14. Micro/Nano Technology
  15. X-ray Analysis
  16. Sensor Technologies

Indonesian Chemical Society • Division of Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation